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Our Mission

With a major facelift and new ownership in early 2021, Raw wanted to stand out from the rest. Offering specialised and progressive strength and conditioning programs unlike your commercial gyms for beginners through to your professional athletes, Raw gives everyone who walks through the door the support and confidence to push their bodies in a systematic and controlled community environment. Training, unlike anything you've seen before.

Port Macquarie lacked a specific Strength & Conditioning gym that programs progressive training across all levels of fitness catering to injury rehab, strength, strongman, powerlifting, and general fitness improvement. 

Our vision is to continue to evolve our facility by bringing our members new equipment to take their training to new levels, online training tailored to all goals, and a space where anyone feels comfortable walking into.

We want to put Port Macquarie on the map through the development of powerlifting and strongman competitions and training, enabling members to test their true strengths in a competition event. We see fitness as a 'long game' whereby giving members the tools and experience within strength training to build on healthy bone structures, and cardiovascular fitness for heart health through conditioning classes.

We are just beginning...

Our team



Owner - Head Coach/ Strongman/ Powerlifting/ S&C

A.K.A, Boss Man. With a strong passion for fitness and working in the industry for over 8 years, starting off in the personal training scene, his passion led to bigger opportunities with the purchase of Raw Performance. He is our head S&C Coach and the one everyone hates after those tough sessions.


  • Cert III & IV Fitness



S&C Coach

Brianna comes with a wealth of knowledge within the fitness industry working in various health clubs combing her skills in a variety of training formats. She has an eye for detail, picking up any corrections that need to be made on your lifting technique. Be warned...if you don't pay attention to class cues you will know about!!


  • Cert III & IV Fitness



S&C, Strongman/ Strongwomen Coach

With a strong passion for helping others succeed in whatever they are doing, Tegan showcases a strong personality for pushing members further then they thought they could go. Motivating them to do better each session, and giving them the tools and skillset to do movements correctly and efficiently.


  • Cert III & IV Fitness

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