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GROUP S&C | 24/7

Providing Your Training Needs From S&C, Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding



Unlimited S&C / Strongman Classes

4 Class Times / Day, 6 Days Per Week

Weight Tracking Via Mobile App

Percentage-Based Training Methods

Nutrition Support & Guidance



Vast Equipment Range Of:

Strongman | Powerlifting | S&C | Bodybuilding

The luxury of quiet gym times for uninterrupted sessions and no wait on equipment

Along with ongoing nutritional support and guidance

$22.50 PER WEEK



$35 - Unlimited classes for 14 days


(VALUED AT $145)

At Raw, we believe in progressive overload training techniques with scientific backing guaranteed to get you results.

If you want to become a part of a community that pushes each other each session to be better than when they first entered, then join us for 14 Days for just $35.

To make the deal even sweeter, we are throwing in a FREE 45 Minute PT session to help get you started toward your goals.

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  • What classes do you run in your Group Training?
    Our group classes follow a 6-Day training week covering Strength, Conditioning, Boxing and Strongman. Strength days follow a 3-Day split on Monday, Wednesday, Friday Strongman follows a 2-Day split on Tuesday and Saturday Conditioning & Boxing follows a 1-Day Split on Thursday.
  • What is your class format?
    Strength & Conditioning Classes: Our S&C classes follow a Squat, Bench, Deadlift focused format in a 16-week recurring program. This is open to beginners to advanced lifters. The program follows progressive overload of our main lifts working on a percentage based training method, enabling the program to be tailored to each individual. Accessory strength movements follow our main lifts where we focus on strength of smaller muscle groups, injury prehab and overall muscular conditioning. At the end of the session is our conditioning which is between 7-10 Minutes and incorporates functional movements with kettlebells, deadballs, sleds, battle ropes, skipping etc. along with cardiovascular machines such as ski ergs, rowers and bikes. Strongman: Ever wanted to try movements performed by World's strongest men on TV? Then here is your opportunity. Following basic strongman foundations and movements we incorporate a class whereby any level of individual can join. Doesn't matter if you haven't done a strongman movement ever or your a seasoned athlete. Using an undulating program method between heavier single movements to higher rep circuit sessions to give an all round killer strongman session. Conditioning: Our 45 Minute conditioning class focuses on building both your anaerobic and aerobic system between shorter high intensity sessions and longer steadier sessions. Utilising both functional weight movements, bodyweight movements and our range of Ski's, Rowers and Bikes. Boxing: Authentic boxing, building skills, fitness and combat awareness in our 45 Minute class. Utilising pad work, heavy bag and round shield punching and combinations to up-skill your boxing technique while getting one hell of a sweat up.
  • Are the class membership locked in?
    No, none of our membership options are lock in. There is no sign up fees, no cancellation fees and no strings attached.
  • What's the process if I need to cancel my membership?
    We ask for a 2-week notice via email to stating you wish to cancel your membership.
  • Can I access the gym outside of class times?
    Yes, with your class membership you also have 24/7 access to the gym. With the combination of our mobile training app with the days training and video demonstrations all on the one app, giving you the freedom to complete the class program outside of class time, there is no excuse not to get it done.
  • What style of training can I do with the 24/7 Access?
    Here at Raw we have a range of equipment that specialises in Strongman, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and general health and fitness.
  • What equipment do you have?
    Large range of strongman, powerlifting, cardiovascular and functional equipment: 3 Competition Benches 6 Squat Rigs 4 Deadlift Platforms 2 Olympic Lifting Platforms Yoke Kegs Farmers Handles 2 Varying Weight Logs Range of speciality bars Pin loaded and plate loaded machines Sleds Turf Track This is just to name a few...
  • What is Personal Training?
    This is perfect if you are after an in person training experience catered towards your goals, needs and flexible times, working closely together on either a 30 Minute, 45 Minute or Hour long session. Our PT and owner Hayden will show and guide you throughout the session on how to execute each rep and movement to gain the most out of it and be better then when you first walked in.
  • What is the cost of Personal Training?
    30 Minute Session: $50 45 Minute Session: $65 60 Minute Session: $80 All new clients receive a FREE consult session to sit down before hand and find out more about you, and how best we can help you achieve your goal.
  • What does your online coaching entail?
    Don't live in the area? Want flexibility to be coached without the need to be in person at the gym? With our online coaching service, you will work closely with our coach and owner Hayden to build, plan and execute a training program from Powerlifting, Strength Training, Endurance or General Health & Fitness. Sitting down to get to know each other with a FREE consult session to go over your goals, limitations, weaknesses and strengths to plan a 100% tailored plan for you. Your program is delivered through our mobile training app with video demonstration, planned sets, reps and weight allocation. Weekly check ins via Whats App to see how the training week went, what can be improved, any injuries or niggles and the plan for the next week.
  • What is the cost of online coaching?
    $50 Per Week
  • Can I do a one off program?
    Yes, we offer an 8-Week program tailored to your goals gathered from a FREE consult to plan what you would like to achieve. The 8-Week program is $160 and can be reused as many times as you like.



We pride ourselves on bringing our members the best opportunity to succeed in all areas of training, catering to all fitness levels and experiences. Our experienced and qualified coaches are with you every step of the way whether you're completing your own workout or in our group classes, help will always be there.


Our training programs constantly progress to give you the best chances of hitting your goals with scientific-backed methods to ensure your training is always challenging you to be the healthiest, strongest, and fittest version of yourself. 



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