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Welcome to the Raw Performance Den Novice 1 Powerlifting Competition! This event is perfect for those who are new to the sport of powerlifting and want to test their strength in a fun and supportive environment.

With one of the first gyms to hold and showcase powerlifting in the Port Macquarie region, we are truly excited to bring you a professional experience to stepping onto the platform for all beginners and first-timers.

11th NOVEMBER 2023


Weigh-Ins: 8:30 am

Rules & Briefing: 9:15 am

First Flight Lifting Starts: 10 am

Wrap-Up & Trophy Presentation: Approx 3:30 pm




- Under 85kg

- Over 85kg


- Under 110kg

- Over 110kg


On all 3 lifts, 3 judges will determine a successful lift. A successful lift is 3 white lights or 2 white lights and 1 red light. 


What constiutes a succesful lift?

In the Squat, competitors must lower their body until the hip joint is below the knee, then rise back up to a fully extended position.

The judge will call a 'Down' call for you to start your squat, when you reach a fully extended standing position and have control of the barbell, the judge will then call a 'Rack' call for you to re-rack the barbell.

In the Bench Press, the bar must touch and come to a complete stop on your chest. With the Bench Press there won't be any start call, once the bar is lowered and come to a complete stop on the chest, the judge will call a 'Press' call where you will press with one movement, competitors must hold the barbell stable at the top of the press with fully extended elbows before the judge calls a 'Rack' call. Any dipping or look of failure and the judge will 'No Rep' and spotters will grab the bar.

In the deadlift, the competitors are required to lock out their hips and knees at the top of the lift in a fully extended standing position. With the deadlift, there will only be one call by the judge, once they see control of the barbell in a fully extended and locked-out position, they will call a 'Down' call where you can lower the bar back down. If you drop the bar, cannot lock out the lift, or break the ground with the weight, this constitutes a 'No Rep'.


Regular attire is welcome, you may wear whatever active wear you like, we do encourage you if you have them wear tights to help judges with determining successful lifts particularly your squats for depth.

Belts, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, or knee wraps are approved.

No elbow sleeves are to be worn during the bench press.

All lifts will be complete with a 20kg Power Bar and Challenge calibrated plates.


Trophies/ Medals will be awarded to the following:

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Weight Classes based on TOTALS

- Women: Under 85kg & Over 85kg

- Men: Under 110kg & Over 110kg

1st Place Overall based on DOTS system

- Women

- Men

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